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Mar 3, 2009
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I'm having Temp issues with my LG, and will not be around much this weekend to watch over it, so I want to by a Hova-bator 1588, but I can't find any online stores that offer overnight shipping, so I was wondering if anybody knew of a place in Northern California that offers it in store. Around Chico, Sacramento, Redding, Etc.

i always had a terrible with my LGs trying to get the temps to stabilize. i think the Hova Bators are much better. But the Genesis is great! You probably will not find it anywhere in a feed store, they only seem to carry the LGs. The best and cheapest place i have found online to order them is Cutlers Supply - http://www.cutlersupply.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_24_28&products_id=213

sell them for $120.55 or $155.95 with the egg turner (highly recommended). They offer a lot of options on shipping, including overnight. Not cheap for overnight shipping, but worth it if you really need it in a hurry.
Oh, I forgot about Cutler Supply! Thank you so much! I think what I'm going to do is Call them at 5am California time 8am their time (I'm assuming thats when they open) and I'll ask them if I purchase it right now and Buy second day air, will it be shipped today so I recieve it Saturday. It's USPS so they should deliver on Saturday! Sunday and Monday are they days I will be gone most of the days.

Wish Me luck, and thank you soo much!

PS - The 1588 does better at keeping stable temp right? Today I was watching my LG all day and it was staying at exactly 101.3 all day, then I left for about 2 hours to go pick up my husband and do an errand, and when I got back it was at 103.3! I hope they are still ok.....
Now, this is strange. i just checked online with Cutler and they aren't showing the option for USPS Priority or Overnight. When i ordered mine, just a couple weeks ago, i ordered overnight delivery via the Post Office. Well, getting on the phone with them is the best bet. You can find out the best delivery method for your needs.

So sorry about your temperature spike. Why is it you can watch it all day and it's fine, then the minute you leave the temps go katywompus? The Genesis is a marvel at holding temps. It has a thermostat so goes right back to where it's supposed to. This is really helpful if you need to open it for any reason during a hatch. It doesn't take more than a minute to get back to the right heat level. But, i did find mine ran a bit hot, so adjusted the temp set switches down to level 2. It either comes preset to level 3 or 4. So after you plug it in and let it run for an hour, check your thermometer (best to have a couple in there at various spots) and then adjust it if it's a little too high.

Good luck! You will love the Genesis!
Actually I just realized I'm a ditz! LOL
I can get UPS second day air for $35+15 saturday charge, or I can get the USPS Express mail for $42 and they deliver on sat and sun for free!

Ok, I think I'm gonna order it.
Thanks Everyone, I just ordered the 1588 from Cutler Supply with Express shipping. I put in a note asking them to be sure to ship tomorrow, but I will also call tomorrow morning to make sure. Thank you all!!!!!!

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