Where to buy seed fodder in North Texas


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Aug 13, 2019
Hi Everyone.
I have chicks that just turned 5 weeks old yesterday. They are getting feed but seem like they are starving even though I keep their feeders full of grain. I have given them lots of salad greens and kitchen scraps which they love but there isn't enough for them to have their salads each day. I wanted to try the fodder system. I have been looking at barley and wheat seeds on eBay and they seem very expensive. Anyone have cheaper and better seed resources that I can order from? That would be such a huge help for me. I have watched fodder videos on YouTube but nobody seems to say where they get their seed from. Thanks! Chickalah
What are they actually being fed, grain or starter feed?
Be careful that whatever grain you use for fodder is feed grade rather than seed grade. Grain used for planting has antifungal and often insecticide agents on them that you don't want in your fodder for feeding.
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