Where to find a heated waterer?


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Oct 1, 2008
Where can I find a heated waterer?

Is the only place on line?

We have a Tractor Supply but I haven't seen them there.... (haven't askd yet)

Is there a certain kind of heater that is better to buy?
I'm currently using a plastic chicken waterer. (Fill it up, turn it upsde down....)

Heather - Indiana
Hi and welcome to byc!

Yes, you can find them on line and Tractor Supply should sell them. Ours sells a heated base for the metal waterers as well as an all in one plastic unit.

Google heated poultry waterers. CUtler Supply is a good source. I bought mine locally because the shipping and price was more.

The bases are fairly pricey, like 50 bucks, excluding the waterer itself. The plastic all in one is about 42, but I like in an extremely cold climate and decided on the metal ones.

There is also a heated base using a lightbulb, and run about 25 bucks.

Good luck!
It depends what kind you want.

If you want the 3-gallon one with the heating element built into the bottom part of it, try TSC or McMurray or Premier (www.premier1supplies.com)

If you only have 2-4 chickens, a heated dogbowl works fine, you can get them at any walmart or feedstore or online pet supply place.

If you want the heated base that you put your existing waterer (it ought to be a galvanized water, though I think one heated base claims to be ok for *some* plastic waterers...?) then try any online poultry supply place, e.g. any of this site's sponsors, and some online livestock-supply places. Some people jsut make their own - there are some good older threads on this forum about it, which you can probably find using the 'search' utility.

Good luck,

I found on another site that you can get a large plastic heated dog bowl for much less and put my plastic waterer inside of it!

so I'm going to try that!


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