Where to find Shipping Boxes?

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    I have no idea where to put this, but...
    I'm needing to ship 6 adult Bantams, but I'm having trouble finding a place to buy shipping boxes. I've only wanting one box, and everywhere that I've looked you can't order just a few and the shipping is extremely expensive! Those of you who have shipped, where do you get you boxes? Thanks!

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    I ship on a regular basis, Boxes are much less expensive in large numbers, you will need at least two boxes to ship 6 bantams though.
    Try Smiths Poultry supply for small orders or you can go to Horizon's website and try to locate a distributor close to you.

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    Ho, Oh! (waving hand from the back of the class!) I can help! I get my shipping boxes from http://www.Boxesforbirds.com What a great company! Their boxes are not only USPS approved but vet approved. They have replaceable HEPA filters over the air holes. When they talk about how many birds you can fit in a box, they are talking about pigeon-sized birds. ( is that the size of a bantam?) For large fowl, you would double the number of spaces needed. a 2 bird box will fit one large fowl, a 4 bird will fit 2, etc.
    I just love these boxes. Have shipped birds all over the nation in them. They come in all different sizes. They have a great new 16 bird box! It is almost 3 feet long. Just great because it is too big to be missed or mishandled. I recently used it to ship my 3 large fowl Light Sussex from Montana to western Pennsylvania. They have this great new 3 bird divider too! turns the 16 bird box into 3 large triangular sections. Mine are show birds and I didn't want mussed tail-feathers on them, esp. the boy. It worked great! The birds had plenty of room. the box arrived in perfect condition. Another time, I shipped a large fowl Black Copper Marans rooster, a big boy, in their 2 bird box to Scranton, PA. He arrived in fine shape! Plus, I can reuse it to reship, take birds to shows, or? ! And I wasn't shipping 3 separate boxes, so didn't have to worry about one of the birds getting misplaced or delayed.
    One thing I would do is have the shipper put an extra layer of cardboard on the bottom of the box before they put in the wood shavings or excelsior pads. I found during the 2 1/2 day trip, the poo did get down to the floor of the box. This would keep it clean for the next use. You can buy extra filters from boxesforbirds. It cost me about 150. to ship the birds down here to Ligonier. Another thing, they arrived early. Personally, I think it was because of the size of the box. Jut to big to get ignored or delayed.
    I don't work for boxesforbirds or anything, just a huge fan. One thing I do that's extra. I bought a box excelsior pads. There is a national directory of excelsior pad manufacturers where you can find a vendor. Excelsior is thin ribbons of fine wood affixed to a base of brown Kraft paper. They work great as flooring in the bottom of the boxes, giving the birds a firm foothold during shipping and the poo tends to fall down beneath the excelsior so they aren't standing in it.
    I also buy a packet of Gro-Gel B Plus . The size for 100 birds and divide it among the birds I am shipping . If there is extra, not a worry. They eat what they need. This is a nice touch if you are shipping into a State where vegetables and fruit are confiscated at the border. Keeps delays for that away. The folks at boxesforbirds are very helpful and willing to make sure your birds are packed to best advantage. they're familiar with shipping everywhere which is a big help.
    Best Success,
    Karen Tewart
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    western PA, USA
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    I know this is a very old post but thank God for them. I just bought boxes from boxes for birds much much more reasonable than I found anywhere else. Thank you 3riverschick, God Bless[​IMG]

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    More than welcome.
    Best Success,

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