Where to get Baytril?


9 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Shady Hills, FL
Can someone help me find Baytril? None of the Vets in my area will sell me any because they do not see Peafowl, not even my Vet
Baytril is not labeled for poultry, only mammals. It is sometimes used "off-label" for poultry and can only be prescribed by a vet. They usually stock it in the clinics. A vet that sees poultry might be much more willing to work with you if they feel assured that you know what you're doing. I'd try another vet.
You can order liquid baytril for parrots w/o an RX online. allbirdproducts.com carries it. What are you treating, as you want to use baytril as a last resort med to keep them from building a tolerance, because once that stops working there isn't anything really better to use.
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You can also tell the Vet that you have a calf with Pneumonia and they should sell you some that is the way I got it, but now they know me and I just tell them what I need.

Unfortunately if the Vets in CT do not see the animal they will not give you the meds. That is what I was told by 4 of them. They said "we do not see birds and it would be illegal for us to prescribe the drug, we could lose our license" They did give me numbers to "bird" Vets but they do not see Peafowl or poultry

I want to have it in stock just in case. My poor little peahen is still gasping and I want to be sure I have all the meds in hand for when I call the pros numbers listed in my other thread. No Vets around me will look at her
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