Where to keep a duck

yes you can keep it with your chickens when its older might want to upgrade your water tray :D also how old are the ducklings as you might want to in vest in a brooder espechly if your only getting one duckling, other wise ducks are great pets:yesss::love
I wouldn't keep the ducks with the chickens once they are bigger. I did keep them together as babies.

They require different housing, more ventilation, and more water --lots more water. They probably will not climb a ramp to get into a coop if it's a higher coop.

Their pens are connected, but split. They see each other all the time. The male duck and rooster do not necessarily get along well enough that I would trust it. The male duck did try to mate with a female chicken once.
If you do get ducks, get more then one, three is best. They can live with chickens, but I would recommend nipple waterers for your chickens, and that way the ducks can't get the hen's water dirty. Ducks don't NEED a pond, but a few slightly deeper/larger dishes will work well. All that they really need is a dish deep enough for them to clear their nostrils.
It is a controversial topic among duck keepers, but ducks can in fact eat chicken/layer pellets, with no issues.
Will add more later, have got somewhere to go right now.
Tthanks for all the info. My coops door Is only about 6 inches from ground. Already have nipple system. And a brooder box, i have a baby pool. I have a couple hens that like to stand in water during summer.
Females are noisier the Males, but they lay eggs.
The reason you don't want drakes(male Ducks) mating your Chicken hens is the male part can rip and tear the hens vent. Roosters part can not reach into the Duck hen.
Like Chickens you can sex them as hatchlings to a day or two. After that it's a waiting game.
You can have all male ducks, But if you have a female you need 2 girls to 1 boy or you might end up with over mating problems with the girls. I'm not just talking about the drake hurting her, she'll isolate herself and won't eat or drink and will stressed. This can happen with chickens too. But unless the person selling them knows it's a guessing/waiting game.

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