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    Oct 14, 2018
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    Our new coop is built but we are still working on the finishing touches. I’m sure I will have future questions but the pressing one right now is where to place the feeders. Do they go outside the coop or inside? I was under the impression that our 8 hens will not eat or drink inside the coop once they retire in each night. Their water and food has been just outside the coop door for the last two weeks. Both food and water are located under the roof overhang. It’s protected from the elements, basically their front porch. Pic included. We constructed two PVC feeders to start with, and planned to place them along the front of the coop... spaced apart in the front porch area. The PVC feeders have caps to allow us to close them at night. Do you feed inside the coop or outside? The research I’ve done has said the coop stays cleaner if food and water is outside. It’s super humid where we live, outside of Houston TX. Just a few freezing temps a year.

    Would appreciate your insight on where is the best location to place feeders.



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    I'd leave them right where you have them.
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    If you can let them out at the crack of dawn, and feed stays dry, outside is fine.
    I keep mine inside due to the climate here(some days they don't leave the coop), using supplemental lighting for winter laying, and it's just easier for me.
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    I do waterer outside (to ensure things stay dry in the coop), dry feed inside (since we get a lot of rain and it's the only way to keep it completely dry) and fermented feed outside (since it's wet).

    Your current locations are fine as long as you know the feed can stay dry there. I would probably move the waterer a little further away from the feeder as you have nipples on the side that can't really be accessed with the feeder is that close, there's no room for the chickens to get in there.
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    Thank you. I will definitely space the feeders and waterer apart as you suggest. That one pictured was actually just leaning up against the door frame. It is empty and not in use yet. Just wasn’t ready to mount them until we figured which location. I will keep an eye out to make sure the food stays dry because of your info. Appreciate the reply.
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  6. RoosterML

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    I keep feeders inside the coop to try to keep other critters and birds out of the food. I have 1 waterer inside the coop and i have 1 waterer outside.
  7. Folly's place

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    If you still don't have the run covered and predator proof, have things inside the coop. Food outside attracts varmits!
    Chickens are up and ready to eat and drink at dawn; if that works for you, wonderful. Otherwise, have both inside so they can eat and drink when they get up each morning.
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    Feed and water are in my raised coops 24/7 20181021_091815.jpg with water also available in their pen during the day. 20181029_093100.jpg . GC
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  9. Ghosty

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    I water outside and feed in pans outside the coop. If it's rainy I put the feed pans under the big shed where they like to shelter and dust bathe. I like this better than a pvc feeder, because they flock to me two or three times a day, when they get feed refreshed and scratch. They know who daddy is, and I can monitor what they eat.
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