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    Jan 3, 2015
    I have some free range chickens that i feed in the garden near the laundry room - as water is readily available for cleaning etc. I would like to put the killing cone on a wall a few feet from the same area - so, again, water is nearby. If the killing cone is near the area where chickens normally feed, will the smell of blood scare the chickens away from the area? I wouldn't slaughter at feeding time, but just wonder if any smells or noise from the slaughter would scare the others away from returning for food later. I'd be grateful for any feedback from the experts as I am just starting out with my few chickens. I may only slaughter 1 or 2 a month anyway and there is soil under where I would put the killing cone for the blood to seep into. Thanks so much
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    Nov 26, 2011
    You could put another bucket under the killing cone to collect blood and just dump the the blood down the drain or elsewhere in the yard. Any smells will be of no concern for the chickens but it may bother you and attract unwanted animals and insects. The remaining chickens will not be traumatized and will be back as soon as they are hungry.
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    If you dump the bucket in the yard they will find it and clean up any remains.
    They are chickens. if you put their brother or sisters remains in front of them, they will clean it up.

    Rainbowrooster is correct. You do a good clean up to keep predators away.

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