Where to put heat lamp?


11 Years
Apr 17, 2008
I have two 6 month brown leghorns in a 4x4x8 coop with two levels. They spend all of their time on the upper level. We are putting in a new (wider) roost for the winter, and I'm wondering how far away from the heat lamp it should be. I want to make sure they are warm, but I don't want to roast them.
Also, what temp should the lamp be? I read elsewhere someone using an electric panel heater- would this be a good option to keep them warm enough?

Right now they spend most of the day in the yard, but at night we put them inside. Winter temperatures will get close to zero once in awhile- mostly in the teens. These chickens have become part of the family. The first thing my 9yr old dd does every morning is to run out and check on them. I want to be sure they make it through the winter.



P.S. Thanks to all who have posted advice on caring for brand new chicks. Our chicks wouldn't have made it without you!


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Mar 16, 2008
Nelson BC
Well, if they're 6 months old they shouldn't need supplemental heat and would likely be healthier and safer without it ...


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Feb 3, 2008
Chillicothe, OH
Ditto with Momo

Just make sure the roosts are wide enough to sit on their feet and there are no breezes inside the coop and all should be well.

If you do decide to hang them please use chain instead or rope, which can fail.


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Aug 4, 2008
Camden, AR
Quote:And remember, Heat Rises!

You might try sticking a cheapie thermometer above the heat lamp on the ceiling directly above it, and another one on the roosts. Do a "dry run" for a couple days if you can, to make sure you don't get it too hot and set the wood to smoking.

As long as you keep the temps near the roost above freezing, and the temp at the ceiling low enough to not heat the wood so much it begins to smolder, you should be fine.

You don't want your birds to get so dependent on the heat that they can not survive if you have a power outage.

Since you only have two, having supplemental heat will help them, as long as you don't keep them TOO Hot.

I've been told that a group of 10 or more (depending on coop size) will keep each other warm, and will not require additional heat sources. This will be our first winter with chickens, and we can NOT insulate or heat our coop. We'll see if what I've been told is true.

Good Luck!


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