Where to put the coop? doog poo?

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    We are trying to decide where to place the coop in the yard. I want it tucked away in its own chicken area on the side yard and hubby wanted it in the middle of the yard. The spot I want to put it is in the current dog poo spot. Would there be a problem putting them there after we clean up and clear it out from dog poo? Will it be safe for them over there? Also I hope it wont be hard to train the dog to poo in a different spot. I loved a lot of the set ups people posted that live in suburbia like myself and just want everything to go together. We just bought this house and I want to finally feel like we have a home. I just want to make sure the dog poo isnt a problem or I will put it in a different spot. And it isnt tucked out of view.. our yard is only a 1/4 acre so its not like they will be seperate from us at all [​IMG].

    Wanted to add that the poo doesnt pile up, its only one dog and she is a highly trainable bird dog, she would probably poop wherever we told her to [​IMG]
    I just didnt know if contamination was a problem.
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    if you cleaned it up.... it should be fine.
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    I would think if your dogs are already trained to go in the same area, I wouldn't put the chickens there. If it were me, I wouldn't want to retrain the dogs and I'd find a different location for the chickens.

    I would also be concerned with any underlying cross contamination issues with your chickens eating any dog poop you missed in the clean up. My opinions are based purely on my own preference not any scientific facts.

    That's just me though. [​IMG]
  4. Iheartchicks<3:)

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    it would defffff have to be totally cleaned up
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    Quote:x2 Long time dog owner...

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