Where's That Coop? Can ya'll help me find the post?

Picky Chicky

11 Years
Sep 22, 2008
Holly Grove, VA
I searched and searched and unfortunately couldn't find it....

Someone on here posted a picture of their large shed being converted into a coop. They had lots of pictures showing how they "chopped" up their shed with different holding pens. I believe they also quarentined off a section for food/supplies so the chickens didn't get into it.

My DH is giving me his 10X16 shed to convert into a coop and that one shed keeps coming to mind, but I need to see the pictures again.

The first to find it wins!
Thanks for any help!

P.S. I looked on the coop pictures section of the BYC and I didn't see it there.
I feel like an idiot... can you send me the URL for the coop contests? Also I did an author search for 'Jody' and it didn't bring up anyone. I'm only on my first cup of coffee this morning and think I need some extra help.
Those were some pretty great coops - especially the huge one in the beginning. The one I'm thinking about was probably not in anything larger than a 12x20 shed. The shed already existed and they just sectioned it off - leaving a small walkway for access.

I'm going to have to just keep searching. But if anyone gets bored and wants to try and help!

I want to say the shed was a blue/gray color... or something like that. Argh. I wished now I had saved it. I think I'll go through my old posts and see if I said anything about it.

I hate short term memory life has brought me.

Thanks again for the help!
It wasn't that one, but this is the exact idea of what they did. The coop owner was a BYCer...

I think I'm going to save that link - thanks for sending it!

I just went through my history of posts... bummer, no coop yet. It was posted sometime in fall of last year. Hmm... that sounds painful, but maybe I'll do a search for all posts from September to December of 2008 in the Coop section. Geez I'm desperate. The funny thing will be that I'll find it and it's not the way I remember it. I'll let you all know if I find it.
Hehe.. .saw that one too... but that wasn't it. I think I'm about to give up. I went through four months of posts... and I thought I found it when I got to one called the "Coop in a coop", but that wasn't it.

So. Many. Coops. So. Little. Time.

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