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    I will follow this post with pics, but I just sat down to dinner. When I got home tonight my DW and I went into overdrive! We quickly built another brooder for my 5 week olds. I had a packing crate and we trimmed out the interior rim with 2"x4" lengths and then used a 1"x3" flat from a pallet to divide the door from the ventilation panel. I hung the door with a swivel hasp and ran the cord from the heat lamp. Then added food and water stations for gallon sized containers and these actually took up a lot of floor space. I put all 9 of the ones with the more prominent comb/wattles (roos?) in the new brooder and left 17 hens in the original crate. They needed the extra space desperately as I was too slow to get it done earlier! [​IMG]

    Now they are happier and just 2 weeks from their new coop! [​IMG] It only took about 1.5 hours to complete thanks to the crate! I have about 6 more that I will probably turn into chicken real estate. [​IMG]
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    WOW! thats a awesome idea. I build my coop from all the scrap wood that was just laying around the house/barn and with getting unexpected eggs we will have to up grade. It kind sucks because we just built this one.

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