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    I was selling my produce and eggs at the farmer's market this morning, and me and this man were talking about poultry. I said that I was having problems with pecking and I already knew that they need more protein. He told me to get a whey block and it would fix it . This makes sense, because whey is protien. but where can I buy one? TSC or can my purina mills feed store get me one? Has anyone else done this? Is there another protien supplement that I can feed? I have used game bird chow but it didn't seem to help much!
    Any tips help advice is appreciated!
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    I feed mine pinto beans (cooked and unseasoned) as well as BOSS. they love the beans. I would stay clear of whey since it is a milk by-product and ckickens are lactose intolerant.
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    Hmmm. Interesting. My Dad used it as a last resort when his chickens turned into cannibals. In over forty years of chicken raising, he had never had such aggressive birds. He picked up a block at a CO-OP and they calmed down and stopped attacking each other. They had no digestive problems, as I recall. I give my girls plain yogurt for a treat; about a tablespoon per hen.

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