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Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by analyticalblonde, May 23, 2019.

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    Hi All!

    OK...I know a corny title but I've got a question regarding whey.

    I'm going to be making Ricotta Cheese that calls for whole milk, Buttermilk, Heavy Cream, and Kosher Salt. It will end up producing a lot of whey.

    I have a mixed flock of 10 chickens, all large breeds dual-purpose and are not laying yet; they are over 8 weeks old - not quite 9 weeks to date.

    Can I give them the whey? I've heard it's "OK" to give them the whey but because it is a milk/cream by-product with 1 Tbsp of Kosher Salt to 1 gallon of milk, 1 quart of Buttermilk, and a pint of cream I wasn't sure if the by-product and salt would be bad for them.

    Thanks for your input!!!
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    I doubt you will find many people that feed whey anymore. Used to be all farms had left over whey that went to the pigs, and chickens. I'm sure a bit will be fine, but I haven't fed it personally.
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    The lactose in dairy products is the problem. During the cheese making process the lactose is consumed or converted to more digestible form of sugar. You should be good to go with it.
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