Which Breed of duck is best for kids & New Duck Owners.


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Jul 29, 2008
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I wanted to raise a couple of ducks this summer. Whats the best breed to get? I am gonna order from Ideal here in the next couple of weeks. What is the best breed for kids and being a new duck owner.

These are the breeds I like
Blue Swedish

Domesticated Gray Mallard

Khaki Campbell Duck

Rouen Duck

White Pekin Duck

Which would be the best for me?
I believe, if that if your family will handle your ducklings every day for a couple hours and train them to get used to you, then I think any duck (or any breed of poultry) will extremely friendly towards human contact. I did that with my Muscovies when they were little and now that they are adults they come waddling to see me when I am outside looking to see if I have any treats for them. Some love being petted and stroked but others don't like it as much. Also the benefit when handling any poultry at a young age is that the don't startle as easily if you are near them and will stand by you with out a care in the world.

For the breeds I would recommend, would be White Pekin, Rouen and Blue Swedish because they tend to be calmer and while the Domesticated Grey Mallard and Khaki Campbell ducks are nervous and flighty.
But if you handle them regularly, when young, they can be good pets.

Hope this helps you make a choice
I agree with Muscovy Man--I think most breeds of domesticated duck will make good, tame pets if handled when young.
I personally have rouen, swedish, and call ducks (my rouens were my first ducks, and I've had them almost four years now) and all five of my ducks are reasonably friendly and easy to care for. None of mine really enjoy being picked up, but they'll come check you out, come up to me for treats, don't mind me being in the coop, and so on. And they at least tolerate being picked up, even if they don't particularly like it. I can't speak for most of those, but my rouen and swedish (and call ducks, though they're not on your list!) are all very nice and would make good ducks for beginners.

Good luck with making your choice! And of course we demand pictures when you do decide.
I don't have ducks yet, but of the ones I've had interest in Swedish (black and blue) seem to be the best for beginners. This is based on input from duck owners and internet & book research. I will be getting Swedish ducks, probably 2 of each color. Just my two cents
My Swedish have always been family favorites. Also I've had some very docile Pekins and Magpies, although I'm not sure this is a particular trait of Magpies or just our little crew.
Loved loved loved my Swedes! Such great ducks, much friendlier than the runners. My Pekin is very cute and sweet too, but my Swedes were the BEST.
I think we are gonna go with the Blue swedish!!!

That one was my most fav just because of the color!!

Oh and I love the name also! I am gonna place my order for them in march. Now I am so excited!

Oh Another question? I will also be ordering some Bantam cochins with them when they are babies can I raise them together or will they be too messy together?
Oh, please separate the babies! Ducklings are nasty, messy little stinkers. I have to clean my duck brooder twice a day, and there's still always a layer of wet sludge on the bottom. The bantam cochin chicks I raised (albeit I only managed to hatch two) were so easy to clean up after. I only had to clean their brooder out once every weekend. The ducklings will make the chicks wet and miserable, and they could very easily trample them to death with their flat feet.

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