Which chick is which? Easter Egger vs. Welsummer


7 Years
Nov 12, 2012
We have new baby chicks and are brand new to chicken keeping. We thought we could easily tell everyone apart, and now that I'm looking at various photos of EE and Welsummer chicks, I have a feeling we might be backwards on these girls. So can anyone help? I know it will become obvious later, but we're hoping someone can help us tell sooner than later.

We think this first girl is our Easter Egger, and the second is our Welsummer. Does that look right to you?

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My guess is that you have it the right way around! Was tring to remember what my wellies looked like that age, but yep I think they looked most like the second one! :)
Thanks! I had no idea that you could see a hint of a comb so early on... but upon close examination, looks like we were right. : )
Can anyone help me with the same question? I realise I have a ton of chicks in the photo but...I have 5 black Australorp, 3 white leghorns, 3 Rhode island red, 3 buff orpington and supposedly one welsummer but it looks just the same as the Easter eggers I got a few months ago (that were supposed to be ameraucana).


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Easter Eggers usually have olive or brownish tinted legs. Welsummers are more peach colored.

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