Which duck lay which eggs


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5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I have a female mallard, and a female khaki duck and one lays a light green egg and the other lays a white egg. I just can't catch them laying them so i do know which duck lays which egg. So does any one know what duck lays which egg. Please let me know. and also i have a male pekin duck will he favor one of the females over the other one. or will he try to mate with both of them and if so which one will be more likely to succeeded?
The mallard is laying the greenish egg. And the Peking the white one. And your Peking drake will mate with both I'm sure
So the female Khaki is laying the white egg then i only have one pekin and its the male.
Thanks so much, I have been trying to find out which one layed which egg for about a year now.

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