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    So I am making my chicken plans and I don't know which feed to use. Does it really matter which brand I use? And when I start out with chicks, should I use medicated or non-medicated feed?
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    Personally, I don't really think there's a big difference between the various brands of feeds nutritionally. With layer feeds, I do look for one that offers at least 16% protein. I've only tried Dumor and Purina, and my chickens will eat either. I do think the Purina smells better, but it's also about $6 more expensive a bag in my area.

    I've always used the medicated chick feed. However, f your chicks have been vaccinated for cocci already, NON-medicated feed should be used. Some don't like to used medicated feed because they want everything to be "natural." So it's really personal choice...
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    You're better off with Manna-Pro Organic chick starter than Dumor/Purina which has been on the FDA recall list, regularly, for aflatoxins and inadequate nutrient levels: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm393549.htm

    Medicated feeds will not protect your birds from coccidiosis, but preventative Amprolium levels dosed in water every 3 weeks will. A good poultry vitamin electrolyte should also be kept for use a couple times a week.
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