Which hatchery has been sending out Salmonella infected chicks?


12 Years
Aug 23, 2007
Columbus, IN
This morning on AgDay, there was a report about a mailorder hatchery that has been sending out chicks that are contaminated with Salmonella. Just wondered if anyone knows who it is, so we can all avoid it. The CDC has not publicly identified the hatchery yet.

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We got 75 birds of different breeds from Mt Healthy That were hatched May 25th we have had 0 mortality no sick birds ever and here in Maine in May
we still had 45 degree nights and 75 degree days.. The one surprise, I got the only rooster a Golden Comet that is red and white..!! the Babcock leghorns are very intelligent and not shy..
All 3 of us are very happy and we have never had such healthy birds...

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