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    May 4, 2007
    I wonder is it easier to get full grown hens in to the flock or to have chicks you raised into it. I am thinking of getting chiks (after april2) but one of my husband's brothers has bought what is to be Black Giants I don't know if they are and regaurdless of what they are it don't matter but his brother said the guy has a lot of chickens and all colors which I a look for but chcicks I like raising them so I ask all you I am thinking of getting 4 or 5 I have 4 hens and a game rooster together and I would like a few more to be with him to give him a choice of who to mate with he has a favorite that is a dark hen anyhow is it easier to intergrate the full grown or the chicks if I get chicks I am to go in with one of the husband's daughter and I may have five or more since I will get some for the table if I order chicks.

    I think some have expeirence on this can you help please

    Thank you for your time and help on this.


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