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    Feb 2, 2009
    Im getting some conflicting info. If i have a still air incubator what is the temp and humidity supposed to be? I've read anywhere from 99.5-102 degrees fahrenheit for temp and 50%-85% humidity so i don't know what i should have now.

    At the moment the temp has steadily been at 100 degrees fahrenheit and about 75% humidity.

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    With a still air, I was told the temp should be around 101 and humidity for the 1st 18 days should be around 45%. Then you jump the humidity to 65%-70% the last 3 days. My last hatch I had at 102 temp and the chicks hatched 2 days early. So next time I am going with 101. Just my experience.. [​IMG]
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    We all learn during our journey...and you will as well. There are plenty of great information here at BYU that has already been recorded and can be easily found. Good Luck and Enjoy!
    Happy Hatch'en

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