Which is more popular bantam or standard ameraucunas


9 Years
May 2, 2010
Hi...we want to get into another breed of chickens and like the colored egg layers..the ameracunas in particular seem to be the breed we are gravitating towards..as far as popularity which size is easier to sell the bantams or standards...we thought it would be nice to have the standards for the eggs they can produce...thanks for any insight...
My guess are the standards.

With the bantams I've had, I very rarely ever had assorted egg colors other than blue or blueish green in color with the purebred Amercuanas....I've had EE's and bantams seems to be that way as well.

If you want assorted egg colors such anywhere from light blue to olive green, get some EE's but be forewarned some hatcheries can provide brown egg layers but they have some of the traits that the purebred Amercuana does.
I think the standards have sold better based on my observations at shows. I was at a show with Jean Ribbeck recently and she sold out of large fowl immediately, and another person who brought some blue wheaten bantams did not sell as many birds.

I think when choosing a breed you need to choose what YOU like, because the success you experience will be related to the effort you put in, the passion you have for the breed, and the quality of your stock and breeding choices.

I can say this, Jean Ribbeck has some of the best buff coloring in Ameraucanas. I know the buffs aren't as advanced in egg color as some other varieties, but if you're looking for a variety to continue working to improve that's already come a significant way, see if you can't get some of her buffs.

If you want a big bird with good egg coloring, Jean's whites are just gorgeous and lay LARGE eggs and have vigorous chicks.

I don't know the lines of other breeders, but I know Jean Ribbeck of Pips and Peeps has the passion, the knowledge, and the quality of stock that makes for an ideal person to buy from and learn from. I am certain that if you contact her she would be glad to talk ameraucanas with you.
Hi thanks for all your input my son and I are going to the Ohio Nationals so we are hoping to pick up a trio or more:rolleyes:..of black/blue/splash of standard sized birds...we live in IL about 2 hours from Chicago...once again thanks for the info:)

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