Which of these breeds are best for mixed flocks?

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    Mar 18, 2014
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    I have a small flock of bantams and ducks. I'm getting some larger hens for eggs soon as i used to have a large flock of large breeds before i got bantams and ducks but lost them to a predator attack :( . I cant wait to get some more from a farm in the area but i'm having problems deciding on which breeds to get :/ .

    I need the breed to be good in mixed flocks and be good with children. Although they are in a mixed flock the ducks,bantams and them live in separate coop.

    These are the four breeds i'm trying to decide between:

    1. Light sussex
    2. Cuckoo marans
    3. Blue hazes
    4. Red sex links

    If anyone has had these breeds please could you tell me what the breeds nature is like. It would be greatly appreciated. :)
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