Which Oyster Shells On The Side?

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  1. With my recent change over to a low calcium feed I am wondering if there is a better type/brand of calcium supplement to serve in a side dish. Is there one that your chooks won't eat for some reason? I don't remember the brand but currently my birds have what ever it was that TSC had available.
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    I just buy oyster shell. It's all the same around here. I put it in a separate dish. To encourage them to use it I put scratch with it a few days. Then they continue to use the oyster shell without scratch.
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    There are several different combinations available depending where you shop but crushed oyster shell is the best to use. What I currently have is a combination of OS and mined sources of CaCO3.
    I sometimes feel guilty because it is important for much of the oyster shell produced to go back into the oyster beds so they can build shell.
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  4. Ok sounds good, I didn't know if there was one that is ground finer then others hence the hens eating more of it. The oyster shells I currently use have some big chunks in it.
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    The big chunks/large particle is what makes it so good.
    It stays in the upper digestive tract longer and thereby makes contact with the calcium absorption sites in the small intestine at night when the egg is in the shell gland.
    It gets into the blood stream at the correct time, making it bio-available to the uterus.
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    I use the Manna Pro Oyster Shells in a 50 pound bag and their Poultry Grit in a 25 pound bag. Got both at TSC.
    They both last a long time. The hens only need about 4 average size pieces of Oyster Shells daily. Less when fed a layers feed.
    I also serve a low Calcium feed. GC
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  7. Well I guess that answers that. Thank you.
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    What that makes no sense. What if they consume oyster shell in the early morning? Not absorbed?...
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    My understanding is that the oyster shell gets stuck in the crop like the grit does, it just breaks down faster, so it is being broken down and absorbed all the time, but, I think it is better if they are breaking it down at night, otherwise, the hen will have to make the shell out of her bones, then replace the bones during the day, then make another shell. If that makes sense at all
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    No that's not true. Oh well...;)...:frow
    It's needed. It works.:wee

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