Which Polish are bantams? (color)

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    Came across a craigslist add that had TONS of polish bantams (but in a lot of colors). I've never saw a lot of these colors, expecially in bantams. Could people post pictures of their bantam polish for me. [​IMG] love to see them.
    Why not add a top hatter or two to your bantam collection? Their compact bodies with a fluffy "top hat" make these little bantam chickens a favorite. They are quite small, and easy to care for. I have the following colors of polish bantams for sale; white-crested black, golden-laced, silver-laced, buff-laced, blue-laced pastel, blue-laced, chocolate-laced, pastel, chocolate, black, white, blue, sport, and splash. I also have many of the same colors in the frizzled polish bantam varity as well.​

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    I have seen bantams in all of those colors, except I have no clue what pastels are and I have not seen chocolate laced in either size. (Doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Just that I haven't seen it. ;-) )

    I haven't had any in forever so can't help you out with pictures.
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    You might want to go here to see most of the color you listed..

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    I got to admit I'm pretty curious what the person's blue laced pastel and pastels look like considering that to my knowledge I had the only pair of them. "Pastel" was just a working term to describe a pair that we had no idea what they were but I didn't want to keep calling them "porcelains" as the original owner did as they were no where close to that pattern. So in short, the "pastel" and "blue pastels" are made up colors....unless they can post pics to prove me wrong

    colors here's where you can find pics of most of the other colors.

    here's a link to pics of the "pastel " pair I have. As you can see calling them a "project" would be a bit of an understatement. Hence part of why I've not let any of them go to others.
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    Beautiful birds! That black tailed red hen is especially gorgeous.

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