Which quail hutch should I purchase online? Will you help me shop around? =)


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Oct 20, 2014
Portland, OR
I lack any woodworking/power tool/building experience...

So, I have been saving up a bit of spending money to purchase a nice quail hutch for my Gambel's quail that will be hatching next week. I plan on owning 6 - 10 quail but am open to having more.

I am looking for some affordable options online.

I have shopped around locally, on Craigslist, but it seems that quail owners are charging much much more for much older, used hutches.

Here are some that I am looking at:


I want it raised OFF of the ground, with a wire bottom.

I thought about the coop/hutch below... just attempting to hammer some hardware cloth along the bottom and raising it up of the ground somehow...


Anyway, and help would be appreciated. I would just like to purchase a nice home for my quail, preferably under $200.

All help/suggestions are welcome!
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If you want a more efficient hut go for the second one with modifications. Make sure the wire is 1/4", with wire across the bottom (STILL on grass, very important). This would discourage predators from digging underneath.

Being able to move it across the grass means you can give them access to a wide range of bugs (protein, etc), no need to clean the litter, and can move them in/out of the sun as needed with more ease than the former (thin legs means it may topple on grass or sink in mud). The former would probably be stuck against a wall or patio out of wind lest it topples. Latter is much more stable & likely won't tip, but might be tipped by a large dog - best to stake if you've roamers.

If you really want to be frugal & don't mind modding I'd go looking in your local paper for an old/free doghouse & then just buy the 1/4" gauge wire + wood beams for the run. You could use a cheap paint or stain & it'd look like new again.

You got to think outside the box here. 'Quail hutches' are expensive, 'rabbit hutches' (the same thing) are slightly so, yet an old "take the darned thing - doghouse" is often free & may come with windows, insulation or even hardwood. They're made to shelter a big dog in all seasons so are more likely to be built strong & have a better chance of withstanding a raccoon attack.

Cheers, which ever way you go.^^

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