Which rooster for different color eggs


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Jul 15, 2010
New Haven County
I currently have a black Cooper rooster and some hens. I am thing to add some more hens, so I can have different color eggs. Also if I hatch some chickens, I can still get different color eggs from the second generation.

I am thinking to only keep one rooster. If I add some Easter egger and brown egger hens, should I still use my black Cooper rooster for breeding? I am just afraid the off spring will not be good egg layer, as Marans are not very good in laying. If there is other better choice of rooster breed, which breed I should choose?
I'm not sure how EEs are when it comes to egg production (I guess this varies, with what has been crossed with what), but if they are good, then I'd go for an EE cock bird. Combine with your EE and brown laying pullets, you should get blue and green egg laying offspring.

Here's some links that you may find interesting (if you know this already, sorry:



My laying EEs were all 4-6 egg a week layers, March through November. They were several generations from purebred with no specific A-acana features like beards, ear tufts, or rumplessness remaining other than some blue egg gene carriers. The eggs were usually large size, and came in tan, pink, mint, sage, medium brown, and light blue. A real mutt of an EE roo could add all that unpredictable variety to your next generation. Adding one or two production hens (white eggs for variety later) can keep your egg basket fuller in the mean time.

Or, get an egg-machine roo first, like a production leghorn, this year; then switch him out for a more colorful fellow next year.

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