Which runner pair to keep? Color? *PICS added*


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Okay so DH has decided that we HAVE to keep a pair of the runners. I will not hatch ducklings but figure I can see about selling hatching eggs (when they get to that point). Which colors should I keep? Opinions on what would sell best?


Not the best pic but so far:
Drakes- white/splash; chocolate (unrelated)
Hens- lite brown; charcoal gray
I think drakes- blue/white; black
I think hens- white/splash; black

The parents were drakes- black, F&W, chocolate. Hens-blue, black, F&W
My DH would like to keep the white but they look nearly identical and I think they are full blooded siblings so then I'd be inbreeding from the start.
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Sorry, can't really see them. I like the head on the blue drake and there is a very nice head on a tall duck where I can't see the body at all.

I can't even tell in the photo whether it is black or brown (which means probably a gray hen). It's the tall one on the left, looking to the right.

The splash in front has a decent body, can't see the head.
Okay, here are 2 more pics

Left to right: splash female, splash male, chocolate male, black, lite brown, blue/white male, black


L to R; charcoal female; black, lite brown, then the rest almost all lined up. they do not like to cooperate for pics.

I was leaning toward splash male and lite brown female.
Well I guess I'd have to say keep the chocolate boy then, if he's unrelated and supposed to be show quality.
If you keep a black and a silver/splash, the offspring would all be blue, so that's something to consider. I would not keep the blue/white one--it is not a standard color and won't throw reliable colors. Not a problem if you don't care about selling, but you'll get a lower price for eggs if you can't guarantee color spectrum.

They're all pretty birds. Good luck with your decision!
OK, the chocolate drake then, and the splash with the really good head (if that's a duck). It looks like it is taller? Maybe? It can be hard to tell in photos.

Really, you can only keep 2 of them?

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