Which would you sell?


10 Years
May 19, 2009
I acquired a pair of 2-month-old white Bantam Cochins yesterday and have both a cockerel and a pullet. Since I can't breed the two of them with each other, I'm wondering which to sell. Should I keep the roo to breed with smooth-feathered hens, or keep the pullet to breed with a smooth-feathered roo? Which would be better?

Are they both frizzled?

if so, first judge on type.
if they are equal, I would choose to keep the roo because you get more frizzled offspring, assuming that is desired(?)
Yep, both frizzled and the roo is the prettier of the two IMHO. My other roos (5 of them!) are all Red Star and, from what I've heard, wouldn't be good to breed to since they're all hybrid already. Should I breed the Frizzle to another Bantam or will it matter? I'm going to sell my other 5 roos in the next week or two, though my DS will have a fit because he's in love with one of them and wants me to keep him
Keep the roo special to your son--let him run with the hens you keep for eggs
Your frizzle roo will be for your breeding birds (hopefully he is good quality)? Of course they need separate pens/coops, but that's okay--I can't keep track of the number of coops I have
I don't even try with the birds.
It is considered best to keep the frizzled roo and breed to smooth hens. I do just the opposite because I like the frizzles so much and I want as many as I can fit in here. If you keep the frizzled roo you only get one.

Are you going to get some cochin pullets? You can breed the two Frizzles you just need to be prepared for the 25% that will not feather in properly and may need special care. The Frizzles you get from such a breeding are going to be really great ones, however. Just a thought.

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