White Ameraucanas - dominant white or recessive?

Most White Ameraucanas That are Pure are Recessive. Only a handful of Old Ameraucana Breeders have Dominant White Ameraucanas. Its is something that has been created(the dominant white gene) in Ameraucanas.

Recessives Hatch a Smokey White Color. Recessive White when crossed with another bird of color will produce a bird of color, just carrying the white gene..So by looking at that bird you don't know its a carrier of white.

I know someone who has Dominant Whites but he doesn't sell them.

Hope that helps.
I found this topic when I did a search to learn more about recessive vs dominant white. I have Araucana's and hatched a chick that was sort of a chipmunk striped chick that feathered out totally white. So, is this chick recessive or dominant?

Here is the newly hatched chick

the same chick beginning to feather out


and the same chick now

So, is this chick recessive or dominant or would I still need to breed it to know? It still seems confusing though, if you bred this white chick to a solid black that was recessive white, wouldn't the chicks be white? and if the black was not recessive white, then the chicks would all be solid non white?

Can someone post a photo of a dominant white chick? And will all chicks from a dominant white be white ?
Pretty sure it's recessive, as my Wheatens for some reason are carrying a recessive White gene in them. . . Sneaky little things are popping up in my male offspring.

Time to replace some birds.
It looks like a recessive white to me.

Recessive genes take two copies to express themselves, so breeding a recessive bird to another color bird will not create a white bird unless the other one is carrying a copy of the recessive white gene also.

Dominant white chicks are usually yellow.

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