White call duck drake, Black call duck hen, bibbed call duck drake.

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    Nov 3, 2010
    I have a white call duck drake. He is completely white with no colored feathers and has the proper orange bill and legs. He is a 2012 hatch. I am wanting to trade him for a good snowy drake or hen, or a good pastel drake. Must be breeder quality on the trade as he is breeder quality. He is a little on the bigger side is the only downfall to him. I am not keeping him because I do not have any other whites, I have 2 snowy hens and a pastel hen and a black hen. Feel free to message me with questions! The black hen I do not know if she is breeder or show quality because I know nothing of the blacks. She has white feathers mixed throughout her body. I will post pictures of her and the white drake. She does look a little ruff as she has been the white drakes favorite. She is fairly small. I also have a bibbed drake that I would say is pet quality as he is fairly narrow bodied. All of these are one year old this year. Make me an offer on the black hen and the bibbed drake. The snowys are not for sale but look for eggs/ducklings that may be available later on!
    The white is dirty in these pictures as he found mud to play in plus he has been losing a few feathers after I changed what pen they were located in. I am not sure if it is a spring molt or if it some from the stress if moving.
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