White Cornish Rock's Juvenile Fowl


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Louisville Kentucky
I have two White Cornish Rocks. I have been raising birds for years and I've always been good at telling gender almost 100% accurate but I've never own such fast growing meat birds before. They have slight crowns and they are bright red. I'm pretty sure they are pullets but not sure enough, I need to know for a show. Does any one have any suggestions how to tell 100% with these birds? Oh and if it helps they are a little over 4 monthes old.
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At 4 months you should be able to tell easily if chickie were a boy I would think.. My Cornich X girl is 12 weeks and she is very red, but her comb and wattle is small.. I think they red has more to do with getting close to laying.. If you had a roo I think it would be very obvious at this point, so I say hen!!
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When you see them side by side it is easy to tell, sounds like you have two of the 'same'. The roos get larger wattles that are redder at 3 weeks old or so. The hens grow in their feathers faster, but with only two, no difference then. Can you post a pic?

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