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    333ABB13-E39A-41ED-8DEF-58CB9E3E5F65.jpeg 9DDB1206-F9A0-4185-A738-3293612057C4.jpeg C6FBDDCF-B06C-441E-9C66-01629D2C4F9C.jpeg D6F275D1-7207-4134-AA9A-3974BE804244.jpeg 1F28FE9E-BB91-4538-92EE-85B9E0EAD6C0.jpeg 1A77D966-AB06-47AC-9029-FFF5376DF88D.jpeg A5AC2555-B335-4C5E-8CAA-6EDC1EDAE1A8.jpeg C92A40BA-CB03-438B-963E-8F486D351EB8.jpeg 4B139346-A87B-4E23-AE8D-21D45BC4A8B4.jpeg 720E92BD-89D4-4E62-A1E2-DEA572E25047.jpeg CD2E19B4-FF69-4A2B-A12C-362870091CDF.jpeg 3D484FF5-9FDC-43B7-9840-8B222EF16403.jpeg hello! I am trying to determine if my 4 week old (hatched 3/5/18) is a roo or pullet....as a baby I thought pullet, but now I am not sure! Any guesses welcome! And appreciated!

    I included pictures from a couple days old until today.

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  2. Right now it's crest looks like a pullet, roosters have long crazy hairdos :) around six and seven weeks it's easier to tell. Before then nothing can be certain
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