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Mar 2, 2009
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We have three WCP and they are almost 21 weeks old. One has some really big wattles compared to the other two. S/he has always been very different then the other two. Sleeps way up in the rafters, I watched her/him "fly" up 6 feet and over 10 feet to clear the run and land in the garden. So first large wattle:


For comparison I only quickly caught the other two together:

One has tiny wattles and the other none.

And can someone explain the devil horn thing. The one with the wattles has little red horns on top under the pouf. I quickly felt one of the other two and felt no horns.
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Here are the other two. (I need to tell MPC soon if these might be roos or no)

No Wattle:



Little Wattle whose pouf is similar to the roo in the first set of photos:


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many people say that if it looks like the bird just got back from a salon its a hen if it looks like bed head its a roo so far thats how it has worked out for me!
So using your description no wattle is a hen and little wattle is a roo.


I was out this morning taking these photos and listening to the noises. The first roo has been crowing for over a week now. A second started up this morning and I swear I heard a third crow in the mix.
My girl has some pretty big wattles. I look more at the feather shape. A poofy crest with rounded feathers indicates a girs and a crest with more spiky feathers indicates a boy. The one you're asking about looks to have a crest that's more on the spiky side.
The 'wattles' and 'no wattles' thing doesn't always hold true. I could usually tell by body shape, but those tails on the two birds in question are killing me. Please don't take my word for it-but I think the second two are hens. In the first, I see NO pointy hackle, or saddle feathers. Crest seems poofy, though that too isn't a valid way to tell all the time.

The second is most likely a girl-based primarily on her stance and body. Her crest is poofy. She is just maturing quicker than most Polish do. But she screams girl to me.

The tail on the first 'girl' is on an angle...that's kind of odd. And it's really shiny. But if the roo in the first pic is having those strandy crest feathers, she should be showing them too if she is really a he. Never go my crest alone when sexing Polish. Go by other clues.

You posted about the 'devil horns' in your first post. Must have missed that. The 'horns' are their combs, they're called V-combs and most crested birds have them. V-combs are very small because birds with crests-like Polish-don't have large combs to begin with. The rooster's should be the biggest, but again, it's not a very fool-proof way to tell gender.

But if you're hearing more crowing, I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
Polish are tricky.

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