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This is Spiritualmystic631, I had to re-register, because for some reason the password wouldn't let me in no matter how many times I tried.

My Dilemma:
I went against my better judgement and brought home a Barred Rock Baby from the feed store, may be about two weeks old, because the others were literally pecking his butt to death. He was bleeding and the feed store owner, when asked about it, said; I don't know! So I said, I'll take him home and away from the other chicks if thats alright with you. (There were too many chicks in that cage. Maybe 50 chicks in a 2 foot x 2 foot pen). I started cleaning his butt off and he seemed to be doing a lot better yesterday and this morning. But he still has diahrhea (white) and his wings look funny, but I think its because those were also pecked at by the other chicks. Tonight I noticed he is still sorta just sitting in the brooder, not very active, he is eating and drinking sporatically. What I'm worried about is that I read in one of my books that Pullorum disease causes White Diahrhea? So now I'm worried! For one thing, the feed store guy is selling all those chicks that have been exposed to this chick if he does have it. The pen they had him in was right by the sliding door that stays up and it was very cool outside the day I got him. Any advice, suggestions, or other things that could be wrong with him would be greatly appreciated. Is Pullorum the only disease that causes White Diahrhea? Sorry this is so long. I don't mean to ramble.


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If you go through the posts here or raising chicks you will see many posts about 'psting up" .... but I understand your concern and I often wonder the same thing...ask your feed store which hatchery they came from (if a major hatchery they they are "pullorum free" " ...you can take a sample in for a faecal and ask to be tested specifically for this also as that is the only way to rule it out completely.


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could be he needs a little yogurt, and vitamins.
and a chance to warm up with some good feed.
sometimes a little sugar helps give them energy,
and a bit of scrambled egg, or finely chopped boiled egg..(very small amounts)
see how the chick does and if it clears up.

is he eating and drinking?
is he alone?
chicks get very lonely when they are by themselves., and can get "stressed and depressed."
they eat and drink better, if they have a buddy or 2.
(hint, hint

try putting in a warm fuzzy cloth or mitten, or stuffed animal (no eyes or attachments)..
lambs wool is good.

a fecal test is always a good idea if you can have it done.
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