White egg layers have stopped laying, tan egg layer have not

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    Feb 2, 2015
    We have six chickens that are all ~1 year old: Red Sexlink, Ameraucana, black Silkie, Polish, Plymouth Rock, and a frizzled bantam Cochin (I think). They all lay tan eggs of varying size except the Ameraucana (blue-green) and Polish (white).

    We're in Texas, so over the summer when it was hot their laying really slowed down. We went as long as as 2 weeks without getting an egg. They molted and some pulled some of their feathers out (particularly the Polish, to a lesser extent the Ameraucana). In the past 4-6 weeks their laying has returned to normal EXCEPT for the Polish and Ameraucana.

    I know that it is normal for chickens to stop laying so that they can regrow feathers. The Ameraucana and Polish chickens have both regrown their feathers and yet they still aren't laying. We haven't got an egg from them in 2 months. In normal laying, we'd get an egg almost everyday from the Ameraucana and maybe every other day from the Polish.

    I will note that I've seen the Amercauana be a bully to the bantam and Polish before.

    My fiance says the Ameraucana had a small leg injury but I didn't notice it, FWIW. She looks fine now.

    Any ideas on what could be going on?
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    Well from my reading on molting some dont start laying until spring. But it does depend on the individual hen, i live in texas as well my girls are to young to molt this year but will next. I would think after a few weeks/ maybe a few month they will start laying again. We lice near san antonio so our winters arent like the ones close to dallus or west texas what part do you live in might play a roll as well.

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