White Frizzle hen and 2 Serama Boys For Sale in CA


12 Years
Oct 21, 2007
Central Coast, CA
I have a white Frizzle hen, about 2 years old, who is show quality, for sale-$20. She is a little yellow(the girl I got her from was feeding her JUST corn), but should lose it with the right diet when she molts. She's got good conformation and feather quality.

I also have 2 Serama Boys for sale. They are from Eggs from Frank. I have one buff based mottled/laced/mille fluer(just a little, but could start a project), and a black and copper mottled. They are $10 each, or both for $15. The black mottled is showing great potential, I just have too many roosters.

All are Pick-up only

Sarah from the Central Coast of CA.


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