White leghorn crows overly TOO much!

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    I have a 20 weeks old white leghorn roo. He crows every 2-5min or so. Where I live I can own only 1 roo but he is too loud. He crows louder than all the dog barking at the same time and it's very sharp also. At night I put him in the storage so his voice is little lower and the light will get in slower in a delay. But this couple days he won't stop crowing the whole entire day. I decide to put him in a big box since I am getting so many complaint of my family that they are sleeping and stuff. Every time he crows my stress level go up once. I don't want to give it away or kill it since I want little chicks to hatch. There might be another roo nearby so that might be the reason he is crowing so much. Is there a way to make him stop? I would be so much relieved if he could crow by hours instead of every couple minuts.
    The only time I will let him out is at 12pm-12am..Maybe at around 7-7:30am so he could eat. Is this too cruel? I have no choice.
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    Doesn't sound like much of a life for the rooster. Roosters crow, that's just a fact of keeping chickens. If you can't allow him his freedom it might be kinder to find a new home or eat him.
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    I was shocked when my little brown leghorn roo started crowing! Sounds almost like a shriek, haha [​IMG] . I ended up selling him and a few pullets. I didn't sell him because of his crowing as we live in the country, but I'm not going to say I MISS his crowing either! [​IMG]
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    Quote:X2 And a leghorn at that, they are traditional big crowers, I think the lack of interaction and the confinement is what is making his anxiety level go through the roof. If you can't handle a rooster then find a place where he can be a rooster.

    Personaly I like it when my boy's go on their I can crow better than you routine, and I have 10 all in pretty close proxcimity to one another, in breeding pen's. and it sounds cool.
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