White leghorn Roo


5 Years
Mar 18, 2014
My neighbor gave me a white leghorn rooster last night and I am concerned..... His feathers look rough and damaged...... He was in a really tinny cage so I believe that's why they are the way they are..... My question is will the feathers mend back together and look neat again? He is a really nice bird and young at that but I was just wondering about that......... Thanks.....
His feather quality probably will not improve until he has gone through a molt. Did you check him for external parasites?
Yeah checked him and he didn't appear to have any problems....... I will probably end up getting rid of him but they needed a home for him so I accepted him...... He's not aggressive at all so far but my birds are still young from 2 weeks to 2 months old... I'm sure I have a crap load of roosters already and I am not sure if He will integrate well with them...... He really doesn't have much meat to him so it would be pointless to cull him..... I was thinking about once he's in the run for a couple weeks then I could free range him but im not sure on how that is gonna work out......

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