White mass in chicken eye


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Aug 7, 2019
What is this and what should I do about it? Do I need to pull it out? Chicken is acting normal and no other chickens have it. They free range. It started up yesterday. I have sprayed colloidal silver, saline, and vetrx.
That looks like pus from a sinus infection, possibly MG or coryza. The pus should be removed. Try squeezing it out or cleaning it out with a tool or QTips. Clean the eye and apply Terramycin Eye Ointment from the feedstore, or plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment twice a day. Hold your breath, but here is a graphic video on removing pus:
Thank you so much for the responses! As a fan of doctor pimple popper those actually fascinate me. The problem I'm having is that I can't manage to pull it out. It doesn't pop when I squeeze it and when I pull on it with a pair of tweezers it seems very adhesive to her eye. It doesn't stink at all and she doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. Obviously I'm very worried though. It happened so suddenly. The texture doesnt seem to be like in either of those videos
If you look closely in this picture you can see the indentation where I tried to pull it out with tweezers. Its pinkish in real life which concerns me. Does everyone think it is pus in a tough sac? If so what kind of timeline do I have to get it out? Again it started yesterday. I dont want her to lose her eye and shes definitely not blind in it yet.
Okay today I'm going to attempt to lance it. She still isnt showing any other symptoms, and has no smell. Is the smell of coryza pretty subtle? Perhaps it will come out if I'm able to puncture the mass.

My last question is, how long will she be contagious? I heard she will be a carrier for life but if she is always going to be contagious what's the point of isolating her now?

Thank you so much everyone for all the help! This forum is so awesome.
From what others who have seen coryza, it smells terrible. Since she has no other symptoms of a respiratory disease, she could have gotten an infection inside her eye or might have been pecked. One person treated a chicken for coryza for weeks, and then discovered a seed pod inside their chicken’s eye. That one smelled bad, but it wasn’t coryza. The odors that some bacteria or organisms may produce is not always a good diagnostic tool. Testing for respiratory diseases would be the best way to know what you are dealing with, but the cost can be something that many will not get done. Zoologix does testing for resp. diseases for about $95. Some states poultry labs may do it for a few dollars. Many people find that with removing the pus mass, it allows the antibiotic ointment to do it’s job.

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