White Membrane/Sac Hanging from Vent


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My black star hen just laid her first, second & third eggs beginning Saturday, 10/27/12. There were no eggs laid yesterday, however I saw her laying in the spot for a bit and thought she was going to lay, but she didn't and eventually got up and went out to forage. This morning, when I let her out, she didn't want to eat and she was standing in one spot and it looked like she was pooping, but she was there for a few minutes. I looked and saw a white membrane like object hanging out of her vent. I gently/carefully pulled it out and some fluid came out with it, almost like an "egg white". It was runny. I'll try to attach pictures. She is now laying down/resting. What should I do? Thank you.

I just went out to check on her and she is now walking around, drank some water, talking to me/making usual sounds, and checking things out around my garage, so I think that is hopeful.

Being that I've only had chickens since June, this is new to me and I'd like to know if I should be doing something in particular or just wait? Thank you.

I am a total newbie,, I have no idea what that is, but glad you posted it for help. You might also want to try and post it in the Old timers thread, or a thread Beekissed started.

Between those two threads.. there are so many experienced chicken lovers with YEARS of knowledge, you will hear from them too.

Good Luck!

Here are links to the two threads....




And also... Welcome to BYC!!

I'm from NY too!
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Thanks Melabella. I just checked again and she ate some scratch I threw down and is drinking quite a bit of water. She has been outside--even though it is cold and rainy out! I think she is doing well...I hope she'll continue.
Hey what eventually happend to your chicken? Mine is doing the same thing right now and I'm really conserned
Chickenwithnobrim, you may want to start a new thread of your own, and give us all of the details, including age, and you would probably get more opinions.

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