White Plymouth batams and others

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    Aug 3, 2009
    Cantonment, FL 32533
    We have some chickens for sale all under a year old, and starting to lay. They are out of show quality chickens, and could be showed or used for breeders. We have some really nice White rock plymouths bantams, also Cubulayans, Old english, (bb reds, and wheatons). Silver Laced Wyandotte standards, Buff naked necks bantams Blacks, Birds start as cheap as $10.00 each and go up. These are nice birds out of good stock, just sizing down, have way too many. Give me a call, 850-232-0729.

    Located in Pensacola, Florida, local pickup available.
    Will ship 10.00 per box, plus shipping.
    Thank you,

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