White Rock or White Marans?


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5 Years
May 11, 2014
A have a hen who was originally purchased at TSC by a friend. I thought she was a White Rock, but her eggs are relatively dark and I'm wondering if maybe she's actually a White Marans? I've looked at some pictures on line, but they're too similar for me to tell, with my limited experience. Her leg color doesn't conform to either standard, but then again she's a hatchery bird. She's the same size as my red six links and my best layer; her eggs are the darkest and the biggest out of all my hens.

In the picture above, her eggs are 2nd from left (top row) and 3rd from left (bottom row).
Those eggs wouldn't be near dark enough to be considered Marans eggs. Also, there are no feathers on her shanks. Just a production type white Rock.

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