White silkie pen devastated! Stray dog...

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Whipper snapper
11 Years
Nov 3, 2010
Well, I recieved the call right after I got to work today that there was a stray dog and white feathers everywhere. Boyfriend said he could only find one of 4 white silkies that were turned loose. He looked everywhere and still only found one white and a bunch of white feathers. I am anxious to get off work and go home and see what, if anything, I have left. He found only feathers, no feet or other parts. My hopes are high that he did not hurt any of them more than missing feathers.
I am so upset about this, I only had those 4 whites and they were 5 months old! Had them since they were day olds. 3 of them were pullets and one cockerel.

I am hoping by the time I get home that some of the missing will show back up.
The stray was taken care of as it tried to flee my property.
I am sorry to hear that. When will ppl. learn to keep their animals on their property. Just once, I wish someone who allows their dogs to run the neighborhood and cause havoc would get interested in chickens and have someone's dog do the same to theirs...it is cruel, but then they will realize how others feel. I hope your other birds are in hiding and will come back home soon,.
Sorry for your loss...sounds like they may still be alive but in hiding. Usually when a dog gets ahold of your birds..they arent hard to find.

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