White spot in pupils

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Sep 7, 2008
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My Coop
One of my EEs has a white spot on the pupil of each eye. I believe she is about blind at this point. She is 1 year old. Eating layer, greens, and free ranging. Well not eating much now.
I do not think it's cataracts or Marek's. Not cloudy & the spots are definitely in the pupil, not on the irises, and no other symptoms of illness. The rest are also showing no signs of illness. I can only find a few vague references to attack or trauma causing this. There is a definite possibility that she was attacked. I found a bunch of feathers in the dust bathing area, the night before I realized she wasn't right. The odd thing is I was in the yard all day and didn't see or hear anything. Maybe feather loss is a symptom, but I don't think so. This started 2 days ago. Vet is a possibility.

Any ideas?


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