WHITE tipping comb?only one hen.

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  1. So, I have a 7-8 month old WLH hen.Her name is Harriet, she is VERY tiny and has a huge comb.She is pretty much a freak but she is SO cute and I love her SOmuch.
    Over the past few days, it's been a bit chilly out, but not anything below 18F.Harriet has started to develop a VERY white tipped Comb.I have not clue, it's not Frostbite.I know that for sure.But I just brought her in a hour ago, and 20 minutes after I brought her in, her comb sTarted to go back to Pink/Red I have her inside right now and plain to all night, One cause its chilly(and she so small)and two cause of her comb.If you need pictures I can get some.

    What could possibly be causing this?

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    Could use some pics.does it look like this?

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