White, watery poo clinging to feathers - strong odor


11 Years
Jun 21, 2008
Several months ago one of the chicks was pecked pretty severely in the vent area. I isolated it, treated it, and it healed, though it took a long time. I thought that because of the severe damage, the vent was a bit malformed because that rooster has always had a lot of leakage of watery white poo from his vent. It completely coats the feathers and accumulates on the skins. I've tried cleaning the area, but it very quickly becomes recoated because the vent is always leaking. There is a very stong ammonia-like odor. The kids have named him "Stinky Butt" because of this.

Lately, I've noticed one of my Welsummer pullets has the exact same condition. To my knowledge, she was never injured in that area, so I'm wondering if what I'm seeing is not a result of severe vent injury, but something else going on. She is approx. 19 weeks old, not laying, and underweight. Her beak, nostrils, and feathers around her face are constantly coated with the white stuff because she trys to groom her vent feathers. Again, there is a strong odor.

Feed: Purina Layena pellets + kitchens scraps + stale bread + free-ranging all day

She is eating a drinking, acts normal, except for this strange noise she makes when it looks like she is trying to poo.

I do not see bits of brown in the poo. It is mostly clear, with strings/pieces of white.

Wormed recently with Valbazen - did not change condition for better or worse.

Anyone have a clue what is going on here?
Did your chickens get better? I have two 2 week old chicks that have the same symptoms - swollen vent, constant white discharge, & a strong odor. Poops are normal, but one chick peeps in pain every time she poops. One chick was pecked and left bloody (by the healthy chicks), the other one wasn't. I posted in the emergency section, but no one seems to know what it is. Any advice?

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