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    I was looking at buying some chicks from whitmore farm.Does anybody know of them?Any info would be great.I was looking at buying some marans,welsumers,and ameraucanas from them.
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    Whitmore Farm could qualify as one of the most amazing places to live if you were a chicken-it is lovely, meticulously kept, stock well cared for and healthy. Not only are they NPIP Certed, but they opt for MG testing as well. Will Morrow seems like a great person and he appears passionately devoted to all the breeds he raises and culls hard for better meeting the Standards. He is a member of the ABC with his start stock coming from Smith and Cree lines. He has been selecting for egg color, better lacing, and better body type with his line. If you have looked at the website then I know you understand the Amers and Marans are pasture raised and you will get a mix of Blues and Blacks in both when you order. His Marans are Wade Jeane and Mari Krebs lines.
    I have a Cockerel from him and Marans from a breeder who got them from him. They are both very sweet. The Amer is nicely bearded, still filling out, sorry I dont have a pic to show you.

    I think it would be safe to say at this point with ANY Bl/Blk Copper Marans you can still get off colored birds so it wouldnt be a bad idea to ask with his line-how his chicks feather out at this point in time.
    The Standard calls for the Blue/Black Copper Marans to have Copper Hackles.
    Not a comment on Whitmore, just that this breed is a work in progress and its always good to understand the breeds you are interested in.
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