Who can solve this mystery? Please help!

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    We have some young broad breasted bronze turkeys, and I noticed that one has an odd, thin skinned pocket under it's wing. It doesn't seem to be infected, and it appears to be filled with air, though I might be wrong. The turkey, named Tomato, seems to be pretty healthy and normal other than this. I haven't noticed this before on any other turkeys that we've had. Does anyone know what this is? If so, what should I do with it? Thank you.

    Here are some pictures


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    It might be a leaking air sac from an injury. If she is having no problems breathing, I would just watch it. if it gets bigger or she gets distressed, then you can take an 18 gauge needle inserted just into the skin to puncture it, and push the air out with your hands. Here are a couple of articles to read for help:

    subcutaneous emphysema or a leaking air sac

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