Who do you buy your meaties from?


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Oct 19, 2011
I live in WI and have bought my layers from Murray McMurray and been very happy with them. So, naturally I ordered my first batch of CX from them. But, now after doing research on here I realize that they are EXTREMELY expensive. I ordered 58 straight run Jumbo Cornish X and that puts them at $1.88 each. I have looked at Sunnyside in the last few days and realized that I could save $.83 a piece. That is huge! But, I am concerned about quality. It looks like I have an option to cancel my MMcMurray order within the next day probably (the order is for delivery this week.) Anyone know much about Sunnyside and would they even have any available this coming week?? Not sure that I could get a hold of anyone in the next few days with the holiday and I really want to start mine this coming week since I took vacation time off from work for the butchering. Any advice?

I really like Schlect for CX. Right around $1/chick +/- depending on cocks or straight run, and mine have always been very active free ranging. I might try Knolls, this year, for some slower birds and see how they do. Good Luck. Blaine
Thanks Blaineiac. So I was able to cancel my order and feel confident that I should be able to get an order now that I have 3 WI/IA options...Schlect, Sunnyside and Decorah Hatchery. I will save around $.80 each than what my previous order was for. That is almost a $50 savings right off the bat. Shows you that it is important to do your research first.
So... I have looked into multiple Hatcheries but how are you guys saving any money once you figure in shipping? They are $1.99 at my local feed store, Which is steep but if I have to pay $20 for shipping for 25 birds and they are $1 each then I'm not saving much?
I like using Central Hatchery in Nebraska. The price is $0.80 per bird for 100 straight run. They are good birds. I raise around 600 a year from Central Hatchery, but have the advantage that they are located a few miles east of me, so no shipping. We have another hatchery in the area, Norfolk Hatchery in Norfolk, NE. They also sell Cornish X's for $0.80 a bird.
We have a local grain store that runs specials during the spring. I bought 20 at $1.45 each. I like to support the local mom and pop as much as I can and as much as it makes sense. I will be ordering more from Schlect for the beginning of September. It is hard to beat Schlects prices. 50 straight run for $68.50 delivered!
I get mine through local feed mill, www.marathonfeed.com they in turn order through sunnyside, under 100 birds, add $6.00 shipping, otherwise, free, same price as sunnyside web site, they get orders bi weekly spring/early summer, then monthly through fall, I order my layers and meat birds in mid winter, I get a mid april order and a mid august order, last year I got mine mid september, by the time broilers were ready, almost too cold outside to butcher... egg layers were fine.. will be finishing up this springs broilers in 2 weeks, can hardly wait..
I used whelp last fall and was happy with the growth rate. I had a few losses but since it was my first time. I blame me more than the hatchery plus my losses were later. Only one died within 2 days and they had sent 2 extras.

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